RPBS work with a local cleaning company to offer  commercial cleaning at very competitive rates, we can organise to clean your offices daily, weekly or just offer a monthly deep clean depending on your requirements and of course your budget.

You may currently be using your own staff to clean your premises, whilst this may appear to be cost effective in fact it isn’t as your staff are not working proactively for your business if they are cleaning on your time. It is estimated that a member of staff is usually worth a minimum of three and a half times their salary to a business, on that basis even your lowest paid member of staff is likely to be worth more per hour than the cost of using our cleaners.

Outsource to Help Morale

Do your staff feel valued and respected while they are cleaning or do they feel they are being used as cheap labour, many office disputes and employment issues are caused by staff feeling undervalued, outsourcing mundane tasks such as cleaning ensures this wont be an issue in your business.